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F rom old coaching inns to Michelin starred hotel restaurants, cooking has been a big part of my family life for five generations.

Cooking has always been my passion and has guided me every step of the way. After more than 18 years working in renowned restaurants and luxury villas and boats, I incorporate in my dishes all my skills and willingness to share unforgettable moments.

I’m a story-teller using traditional recipes and adding a bit of personal touch to them so my dishes are unique.

Permanent discipline and a great deal of work on one-self are necessary to transcend each dish.

On a boat, in a villa or a cottage, guests are close to me, which makes it easier to understand their tastes, select the good products, anticipate their desires and surprise them.

I select local producers everywhere I have to cook. Locally grown and seasonal products, freshness and taste are my priorities in order to offer the highest quality dishes.

From getting supplies to cleaning the kitchen, I offer services of a Private Chef in France or abroad, for short or long periods of time and for all kind of events: family or friends’ gatherings, receptions, business meals, cocktail dinners, weddings, baptisms…

Find out about my Private Chef services for boats, villas and cottages as well as culinary events.

For any further information or if you would like to receive a quote, don’t hesitate to contact me.